Taxation serves as the primary source of project revenue and a means to regulate currency. Based on historical factors, we have set the following tax rates:


NFT transaction royalty


Remain unchanged

DRT withdrawal fee


After the token is listed, the game needs to manually synchronize the tokens and newly forged NFTs to the chain, i.e., withdrawal

  • 50% of the in-game DRT withdrawal fees will be allocated to the community treasury. As per our initial plan, the community treasury will be managed by the Council Of Mages.

  • 20% of the DRT transfer fees, which equates to 2% of the total fee, will be directly burned to assist in establishing a deflationary mechanism.

The above taxation terms can ultimately be adjusted through the community governance mechanism. Please remember that our goal is not to generate profits (otherwise we wouldn't have reserved any portion for the team within the entire token), but rather to establish a sustainable development mechanism.

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