5️Economic Controls

πŸ’‘ Inflation Control

Inflation control primarily focuses on managing the creation of new tokens to prevent excessive dilution of token value. This includes the following main aspects:

  • Halving Output: Automatically reduce in-game activity rewards by 50% every 6 months. For example, if initially, players could earn up to 1000 DRT per day through activities, six months later this value would decrease to 500 DRT. This halving mechanism will continue until reaching a minimum threshold, such as a maximum of 100 DRT per day.

  • Time-Locked Issuance: Adopt a time-locking mechanism for a portion of the total supply, unlocking only a certain percentage of DRT per quarter or per year.

πŸ’‘ Deflation Control

Deflation control aims to remove tokens from the market to increase the value of the remaining tokens. This includes the following main aspects:

  • Forged Destruction: Destroy tokens through specific in-game activities like NFT forging. For instance, each NFT forging may require a certain amount of DRT (e.g., 500 DRT), permanently removing this DRT from circulation. Tokens spent as participation fees in special events or contests will also be destroyed.

  • Transaction Destruction: Burn 2% of the taxation portion from DRT transfers.

  • Token Staking: We will also establish a token staking mechanism to incentivize players to lock tokens.

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