πŸ’‘ Why Do We Need Economic Models?

Following initial exploration, Dungeon Relics has had updated reflections on game development and community interaction. As a game, aside from bringing joy to a certain audience through achieving a certain level of perfection, it also carries the normal objective of "creating profit" as a product. We have always talked about hoping to bring more possibilities to everyone beyond Play-to-Earn (P2E), but the reality has shown that achieving goals requires a longer time frame with limited resource inputs. Hence, there is an objective necessity for an economic model. With a steady source of income, the project can hire more personnel for game production and promotion, and participants at different stages can capture value within the entire system.

Different from others, as a team always focusing on rationality, we still do not wish to create a large amount of funds prematurely through methods like ICOs. Instead, we hope to explore sustainable development models as much as possible: as long as necessary models can support the continuous development of the game and community, stimulate developers to continuously realize their dreams, and enable participants to continuously build the community, ultimately encountering as many opportunities as possible in the world of WEB3.

Since the project began, we have had over 7 members involved in game development and operations. Due to the limitations of project phases and energy inputs, we have not yet reached a self-sufficient level. Therefore, the implementation of an economic model is also an internal driving force within the team.

The above provides the background that prompted us to conceptualize this economic model. However, until its formal release, as a proposal, there remains the possibility of continuous modification and adjustment.

πŸ’‘Types of Game Revenue

We attempt to create game revenue from three aspects to support the continuous development of the project:

πŸ’‘ Revenue Management and Guidelines

We will establish a new Treasury Department to regularly disclose the game's income and its allocation to everyone. Funds will be managed with the goal of providing stable cash flow for game development and promotion, as well as assuming a responsibility for maintaining the stability of the game token's price. We aim to transition to full DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) operations when conditions are ripe, ultimately enabling community management of funds and driving the project forward.

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