6️Seasons and Events

πŸ’‘ Seasonal Events

We will establish a season mechanism where, during each season segment, players who achieve victory or meet ranking requirements under certain rules will receive token airdrops:

Phase Status Content

Alpha Testing


Participate and provide corresponding suggestions during the alpha testing phase to receive OG coins

Beta Testing


Participate in the game during the beta testing phase to earn gold coins and achieve certain rankings.



Ranking Tournament/Achievement Tournament/Worry-Free Fruit Cup/Consumer Champion Tournament, etc.

Season 1

Home Decoration Contest/Planting Expert Tournament/Equipment Crafting Tournament/Mini-Game Cup, etc.

Season 2

PVE Tournament/PVP Tournament/Time Trial Tournament, etc.

In 2024, we will conduct a total of 5 seasons.

The preseason will last for one month, unlocking: 10 million tokens.

The top 50% of players on the ladder leaderboard (to be determined), graded according to their rankings, will collectively distribute 10 million tokens.

Season 01, lasting approximately 3 months, unlocking: 35 million tokens.

Season 02, lasting approximately 3 months, unlocking: 30 million tokens.

Season 03, lasting approximately 3 months, unlocking: 25 million tokens.

Season 04, lasting approximately 3 months, unlocking: 20 million tokens.

πŸ’‘ Invitation and Teaming Mechanism

We will establish an invitation mechanism where each invitee can team up with the inviter to participate in the game. Additional token and NFT airdrop rewards will be given to players with high invitation scores.

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